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Cart Snakes

Okay, so, I went to Target the other day and bought this awesome card game called Superfight. It's hilarious, but, of course, with Target being Target and all, it had costed me thirty solid buckaroos, the remainder of the forty-two buckaroos I had spent on my family and friends for Christmas. I also completely forgot about tax so that costed me another ten buckaroos. Anyways, before all that drama and such, while walking into the store I had passed the most dreaded Target-dwelling creature: *cue dramatic music* The CART SNAKE. It was an extremely dangerous situation! I mean, what would you do if a huge, winding serpent made of weird-smelling plastic and sharp, rusty metal came charging at you? My first instinct was to jump, so that the Cart Snake could slither underneath me and I could land on top of it, then just ride it around like those shaking bull rides at rodeo carnivals or something. But then I remembered that I hadn't taken my Cart Snake Taming: Simplified c…

Random Christmas Babbling

Ohhhh yeah. Christmas Day. No more waiting. I got a bunch of candy, felt like I was going to throw up. That was awesome. It's Christmas Day!! Did I already say that? Who cares!!? Wahooo! I got two awesome video games: Star Wars Battlefront II and Diablo III!!! I was playing those for so long, but then, of course, my dad forced my to go outside. I actually enjoyed it, but once again who cares? I have no idea where this post is going. My sister needs to turn off her radio. She's playing freaking Justin Beiber. That's probably spelled wrong. Okay, bye.

I Love Pockets

If you ever just have to go to some boring wedding or visit a relative that really don't know, then I'm sure you would have brought yourself something to do. And by bringing that something you need another something to carry it. That something is a pocket. I love pockets. Today, I made these snowflake thingies and all you need to make them are popsicle sticks and string. Then I put them in my POCKET and then I got to show them off later. I LOOOOOVE pockets!! WOOO! And let's just say you make exactly 27.5 origami dragons, and want to give them to your favorite teacher but you don't have that teacher for another three hours, so you're just like, "This is MADNESS!! How am I going to keep these things at least halfway decent until then!!?" and then you get this marvelous idea to cram all 27.5 of them in your left pocket, (not the back one, because you hate those since they make your butt look extremely lumpy,) and then they turn out pretty good by t…

First Post

Okay. So. This is my first ever blog post. I feel nervous! I have no clue at all whatsoever as to what I'm going to write about. I know how this typing stuff works and all, but I really have no idea where this is going to lead. And if your reading this, tell your friends and family, because hopefully, in a few years, I'll be high up (There is no way that's going to happen). Oh, and, by the way, I don't if you've noticed by now but I use a lot of commas. Make sure let me know, as well, what you want to hear from me because I have no idea what to do here.

                          Here goes nothin'.  *clicks on publish button*

                                           By the way, I think dogs are better than cats.
Does anyone else think so?