So the other day I went to go see the new Star Wars movie, and the ride there took a while, and I somehow got into a conversation about this thing that I call "anti-life". It started out as just weird "what if..." kind of thing, but as I began to elaborate on it just a bit, it seemed impossible, yet, at the same time, completely possible. Anti-life would be this kind of life form that kills itself off and builds itself up again. And as long as nothing interferes with it, it continues to repeat the cycle over and over again. Actually, now that I've looked back at what I just wrote, it's impossible. Well, thanks for reading anyways. Let me know what you think about my supposedly impossible anti-life theory and what you thought about The Last Jedi.

What the devil should I write next?
How about Star Wars?
Yep, I'm gonna write about Star Wars.


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