I love dogs. I just love them. They're so cute, and have so much emotion, compared to cats. I'm not necessarily a cat-hater, I'm just saying if I had to choose then I would pick a dog. Dogs are also so gorgeous and handsome, such as Newfoundlands and Pit Bulls. Oh yeah, I love Pit Bulls. I don't care if they've bitten someone, or caused anyone harm, because, like, 95.5% of the time it's caused by their owner. People have no respect for animals these days. One time, someone I knew worked at the Humane Society, her boss actually hated animals, and some spoiled rich woman came in to return a dog because it didn't match her furniture. True story. We treat our pets like their some kind of cool-looking antique they could put in their living room. And I know you bought them and all, and have some kind of legal ownership over them, but you still shouldn't treat them as your property. They are living things! Anyway, I would just like to express my love for all those doggos out there. Peace out.


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